Favorite Sites


Below are some of my favorite faith builder sites:

These will open in a separate window so you don't lose your place here!

The Scripture Tree

New Year's Instructions

God's Yellow Pages

The Fathers' Love Letter

Read Through the Bible in a Year

He is God

Positive Thoughts

A Resume for Christ

Fruit Production

Passion of the Christ


Hold On

Conversation with Christ

Home for Sale

Joy Comes in the Morning

Because I'm God's Child

God of All Comfort

Inspirational Flash Movies

Presidential Prayer Team - please consider joining!

Inspirational note cards for e-mail

Be an encourager - send e-cards!




The Worship Network

I Can Only Imagine

"The 'U'" - not a link, but a favorite

Cross Ministries

He Will Be. . .

Our Daily Bread - daily devotional

Interview with Jesus

In You I Found Me

AAA Backgrounds - free backgrounds, clip art, etc.

Ask Jesus - free banners, blinkies, etc.