The Bride of Christ's Prayer

Lord, I am looking up to You
recalling all that You've been through
to save my soul, and make me new!
Now You just ask me to stay true
and share your love with others who
don't know How much You love them too!
Please help me serve You
Lord, each day
and keep me on the narrow way
so I'll be sure I will not stray
I want to follow and obey
so I may please you.....
come what may....
until You come to
Then...I'll be with You forevermore
in a brand new home
that I will adore
I'll be amazed at what's in store
from the wonderful blessings
that You'll freely pour
out for me.
Lord, I see
You are calling to me
"Come My dear,
do not fear,
I will stay very near
when you're praying I'll hear
and I'll fill you with cheer
knowing I'll soon appear
to remove every tear
that you're crying down here...
then we'll go up above
as you fly like a dove
My dear BRIDE and true love"
Yes, I'm looking forward
to the day....
that You return....
to take me away!
Please make it soon
Dear Lord, I pray!