Let me....
 build a bridge
  of faith, hope, love,
   great Joy, and peace`
to reach across the chasm
of doubt, fear, despair, & grief`
that Satan, who's the enemy, has
dug so very deep......`
that his victims
have no sight of light,
 and no hope of relief!`
Please lift them to the top
of Your great heights
where they may see`
the awesome view
 that You've provided
 to bring LIFE to me!`
may I intercede each day
for souls You choose
to send my way
and for my nation,
Jesus may....
I cry out asking You to stay
nearby our leaders
giving grace, and wisdom
so each one may face
decisions they must make and know
You've given wisdom You bestow
upon believers here below!
I want to be a bridge of hope
to help my fellow man to cope
with trials that life sends their way
Make me...a bridge of hope I pray!