The shepherds resting with their flocks
saw angel hosts and received a shock
to hear of Emanuel who unlocked
the gates of heaven...for all who will knock
I have no gold to offer
I don't know where Myrrh comes from
Pure Frankincense is expensive I'm sure
but I'll offer my heart for Christ's home
They laid Him in a stable
for the full inns had no room
and when He died on Calvary
laid Him in a borrowed tomb
Now I'll offer my heart for Christ's home
He came to show God's awesome Love
He was the BEST GIFT from above
but I won't shop where people shove
to give A GIFT.....
............ (my heart for JESUS' home)
He's promised that He would return
and Christians here all truly yearn
for that day. They'll obey and learn
to Give hearts for His home
Each year His birth's announced again
each year we thank Him for He cleansed
our souls and freed us from our sins
It's thanks to Jesus Christ we win
the privilege to invite Him in....
our hearts...We'll worship and adore
the King of kings forevermore
We'll share the treasures He has in store
in the heavenly home we shall all adore
because we let Him
make our hearts HIS HOME.