THINK they "KNOW it ALL"
  and don't need HIS directions
Some fear HIS Hand of guidance
others bristle at corrections
Some are afraid to trust HIM as

they struggle through their lives
Some only seek HIS aid when they  

   are faced with stress and strife.
Some independently persist
  in reaching their own goals
Some struggle daily for the
  right to be in "FULL CONTROL"
Some face each day with anger
  and resentment for the past
Some eagerly pursue earth's goals
  and treasures that won't last!
Some cling to their possessions
  that were given by God to bless
  ignoring Him completely....
  (they can't enter...into His rest)
Some stumble, struggling daily
  to stand firmly (on their own)
  but to all of those
              who humbly bow.....
  His help and strength are shown!