Put your boots on....
to wade into battle
as you move on...
your feet shod with peace.
Reassured .
that your head is protected
and your mind's sound
as wisdom's increased!
With the truth firmly,
soundly, established...
and your Righteousness
guarding your heart...
grab your strong shield of faith
as you go forth to face
satan's skirmish...
that's GOING to start!
Having insight...
 through eyes of compassion...
other's failures won't cause you to fear
for your eye's on the prize set before you
and the sweet goal of Vict'ry is near!
With the cleats of determination
and the fire of success in your eyes
pressing on...
 past the gates of rejection
you'll discover a wonderful prize!
(Godly insights....He gives to the wise
that uncover the devil's disguise!)
With the "sword of the Spirit"
(that's GOD'S HOLY WORD)
you'll rely on each promise
from the scriptures you've heard
as you move into battle...
through the power of the Lord)
You'll defeat every foe,
and you'll claim your reward!
Seeing evil satan's coherts flee
so rain and storm clouds clear
you'll make progress
that's miraculous
recalling GOD IS NEAR