I don't know what You're planning
to let me go through...
where You're bringing me from
where You're taking me to
What You want me to be
What You want me to do.....
but Dear Lord, I have peace
for I'm trusting in You!

I don't understand clearly
what You have in store
I don't know what the future
will hold... but before
I start doubting or fretting
I'll be reaching out for
Your hand so I'll stand
firm in faith..& not forget
in the past You've been faithful
and my needs have been met!

I don't have to be told
You know better than I
for my wisdom is limited here...
Someday Lord
You will show me
in the sweet by & by
why I've been wise
to just TRUST...not fear!

When I get to the portals
of the heavenly gate
and I see how You'll
welcome me in.....
I will understand clearly
that my FAITH's helped me stand
in Your presence....
fully cleansed from all sin!