Lord God, every time
I take time to be still
and I listen to hear
your sweet voice- - -
I can sense Your
sweet presence,
feel your tender touch,
and it gives me New cause to REJOICE

God, When I stop to read
from Your marvelous scriptures
and meditate on what I've heard- - -
as Your Spirit relays
what I'm needing to learn
due to Your awesome WORD

When I find blessed fellowship
with the "BELIEVERS"
You've given to lift and exhort...
I REJOICE that Your people will
BEAR other's burdens, and give
prayer AND shoulder's support...
but SOMEDAY...
when I find....we are able to meet
(face to FACE) up in space...
as You call
I am CERTAIN my JOY and REJOICING will be
GREATER FAR.....for me, LORD, than it all!