Everything You've promised
      You've fulfilled....
            in days gone by,
so I'm gonna TRUST
      the way I MUST
           instead of fret or cry!
You've promised
    You'd be with me
         and I'll never be alone
so I won't fear
        for You ARE near
and Your power will be shown!
You've told me that
   I have authority
over satan (who is my enemy)
    so I will resist him daily
       and he will HAVE to flee.
You've said:
  You'd give me peace of mind
     and I'd find new power too
if I'd just cast off ALL of my cares
     and keep my eyes on YOU!
You've made it very clear
that You would bring me VICTORY
     if I'll obey and stay in tune
         with You continually...
Your Word is TRUE
     each day there's new
grace, mercy, love, and peace
   so Lord, I'm sure
     I'll be secure
        until I leave this place
of struggles, trials, and misery,
great pressures, stress and pain.
I'm sure You understand
     You'll hold my hand
         Faith's NOT in vain!
Yes, my FAITH shall prevail,
  I'm ASSURED YOU won't fail and
     I I will not complain!