Precious child,
I'm very near you
and I hear you when you cry
I Will comfort you
and cheer you
as I dry your teary eyes
I am watching with compassion
and each day My mercy's new
Let me bless you in My fashion
pouring out My love that's true
while providing very freely
for each need you have below
You will be amazed and praise Me
for the grace that I bestow
Precious Child will you remember
any time you're feeling low
I will carry you...and comfort...
on your journey here below
for You're precious in My sight
Please don't forget....
I LOVE YOU SO... and
every trial in life you're facing...
helps you lean on me and grow
in compassion for your brothers
and your sisters here and show
that You've learned that
to My children here below.
Do not fear, for I'll be near you
anyplace you need to go
and I'll hold you close
protecting you...BECAUSE
Any time you're feeling weary
seek the strength that I bestow
I'll provide it every time you seek
because I LOVE YOU SO!
When you're feeling stress and worry
in your mind....recall I'm near
to give peace of mind, assurance,
and relief from all your fear
Never doubt that I'm in charge of things
just listen, learn, and know
that I'll work things out to benefit
you...Child, I LOVE YOU SO!
My own Son, Christ Jesus died for you
the reason that He'd go
to the cross and bear your sins was
all because I love you so....