a special messenger
to visit me today
I heard a whisper in my ear
 with wondrous words to say

"I love you
and I'll be with you
as long as I can stay.
I'll teach you to be loving,
and to listen, and obey.
I'll guide you to
the Light, the Truth,
Christ Jesus who's the WAY!
I'll help you know
what's right, and wrong,
and what you need to do
so you'll be pleasing
to the Lord,
obedient and true.
I'll comfort you when you're
 alone, or sad and feeling blue.
I'll listen when you're praying
and I'll talk to God for you.
You'll have to listen closely
so you're sure you'll hear me too."
I've made my mind up...
I'll be still
to hear the things He'll say,
God sent His Holy Spirit down
to speak to me today!