I really need direction- - -
Your discernment
 AND correction
anytime I start to stray
 away from
God's straight and narrow,
So, Lord, give peace
and please increase
your Wisdom so I can release
this anxious feeling deep within
that I might fail, at what I begin!
Help me be certain that You'll guide
my steps and be nearby my side
to help me make the choices I
should make each day until I die!
I'm longing so to Please You Lord,
so when I face You....You'll reward
me with the words I need to hear
"Well Done My Child,
 Come join Me here!"
Dear Father, GOD
   I want to know
     what I should do...
        where I should go...
How I may see
     then, Trust You,
         Follow, AND Obey!
I'm sure Your Holy Spirit can
help me live in Your perfect plan
for me while I can serve You here!
He'll comfort me, remove my fear,
and keep me safe....'til You appear!
LORD GOD, I thank You so for hearing
I CAN feel You're near and clearing up
my fuzzy thinking now....
so I'll see where and when and how
to be a better servant who
is loving, faithful, kind, and true
to You and other people too!