Abundant life with the Lord's Amazing love, Adding
Blessings galore from our Father above as
Christ Jesus reminds us to Choose to obey our
Dear Lord and Savior by Delivering each Day
Eternity's message to Everyone here that a
Future awaits & by FAITH it appears if we Focus on
God and His Goodness and Grace In our
Heavenly Home, Hope and Health shall replace
Injured bodies! Our minds will have Insight inside.
Joy from Jesus plus Justice will make all things right!
Kings and paupers find Kindness & Keep giving sweet
Love and Light from the Lord to the people they
Meet! If we Move out by Faith Mighty Mountains can fall
Never doubt... Now Believers, hear Jesus Christ's call.
Open doors will swing widely... Just Obey God & trust
Pursuing His Plans- -Pray for help as you a
Quality future will unfold before you...Forever
Remember what God's word has told you....your
Savior came down to provide abundant life
That is Truly exciting, so walk in His Light
Understanding His Spirit will each day to
Victory....with insight to help you obey....Serve Him
Willingly Worker... showing it's true, by your daily
Xample what God's done for you....Helping prove
You are yielded to Him and His plans....with great
Zeal you are headed....for the Lord's promised land!