A splash of glory from a
FLASHY oriole in flight....~
brought God's voice
softly speaking.......
as it swiftly soared from sight~
"My birds....up there
don't have a care...
in MY air...trees and breeze...~
and yet YOU FRET....
you're important....
MORE than these!~
Just trust in Me
and you shall see
I WILL provide for you~
then soar on wings
above the things
that try to buffet you~
and cause you stress and worry,
 Hurry, scurrying around~
won't help at all
just call on me....
I'll lift you off of the ground!~
You'll give me praise
and be amazed at
how AWESOME it will be~
to shed your cares
as you say your prayers
and fly to the HEIGHTS...
Cast all of your cares
upon Him, for He cares for you!
Humble yourself in the sight
of the Lord and He will lift you up!