You make me so happy
DEAR JESUS, it's true
the great source of JOY
in my life...is from YOU!
You're always nearby
to uplift and encourage
when I'm weak and fearful
You give strength and courage
You comfort, You love me,
and wipe away tears...
You wrap hope around me,
wipe out doubt and fears,
and remind me to lean
upon You for You're near me
to answer my prayers.
I'm SO grateful You hear me
each time I cry out to You.
Lord, You speak clearly...
"My child...have NO FEAR
Walk by FAITH each day here
for it won't be long now...
VERY SOON.... I'll appear
IN THE SKIES. Just be wise
and keep trying to show
that you trust, as you must do
with FAITH I bestow
upon all those who seek Me
and FIND ME below!"